Friday, June 1, 2007

Got Ulcers?

Lester does have ulcers. The scope showed a few moderate to significant ulcers. Due to the fact he still had some food in his system I'm sure we didn't see them all. The good news is that ulcers are very treatable and he's already had his first dose. Dr. Harper said it tastes like cinnamon and it's a paste that you just squirt in like a de-wormer. It smelled like cinnamon and tasted like the really bitter cinnamon without any sugar :-x ewwww, yes I tried it. I figured I had a few ulcers myself after all this, joking. We are back home, Lester too, this time he didn't want to stay, he wanted to get home. Oh the good news? Seems the Ulcer treatment makers were having some kind of special so we got the tubes for half price! So in a way the scoping was free;-) He was a stellar patient as always. So we will treat his ulcers and go from there.
Dr. Hanson admitted to being very concerned about Lester. His bloodwork looks normal except for his creatinine level.


Sabovee said...

Go Ulcery Fatty Less!!

More jingles for a speedy recovery!

Jackie said...

Dear God, please heal Lester's belleh...amen