Friday, June 15, 2007


For us TGIF means it's FRIDAY, but for Lester is means THANK GAWD IT'S FOOD! Two weeks home now and he couldn't be doing better. He gets about 3 hours of morning turnout and 3 hours evening turnout. He seems pretty content with this schedule and is still minding his manners. I was a bad mommy yesterday and forgot to give him his GastroGard after work- I even wrote a big "G" on my hand to remember to give it to him, but at 10:30PM as I was washing it off in the shower it hit me that I hadn't given it to him yet! I thought I had made my approach to his stall clear with my voice, but I guess he couldn't hear me over the fan. I turned his light on and scared the poor guy to pieces! :-o He had his butt towards the stall door and was quietly munching his timothy/ alfalfa hay I had put in the corner for him. I felt so bad for scaring him and then having to give him the GastroGard that he clearly hates now.
His bloodwork on Monday was normal! His creantitine level wasn't high at all, it was 1.6 when the range is (0.6-2.2). Dr. Olsen removed the remaining staple which they said he didn't like very much, but of course he behaved. His farrier, Ronnie Deboard is coming tomorrow to do his feets! It's been almost 7 weeks!

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Jennifer said...

Cool! I was wondering if we were ever going to get another update! Glad to hear that all is well.