Monday, June 4, 2007


Lester has quite the view doesn't he? I continue to increase his amount of hay. I added timothy/ alfalfa to to his diet and he LOVES it. I found that since it was heavier and more course it's easier to spread around his stall- something that Dr. Hanson suggest I do. He will barely touch the grass hay now :-p which I guess proves that he doesn't have that "starving" feeling anymore. I hope he hasn't forgotten to use his automatic waterer- he seems to always drink out of the bucket I provide now. With that bucket a lone I would guess he's drinking around 8- 12 gallons a day. I've added electrolytes to his senior feed as well and still put in a 1/4 of mineral oil or wet it down to a soupy mush. He grazes 3-4 times a day, for 30 minutes or longer. As you can see he has some new grazing companions:-) For the most part Lester will just happily graze, but he has started to get a little hyper now and then. It was really windy yesterday so he spooked really big at a tree. I'm obviously not a "grass expert"- every time I think I've found Less the perfect patch of grass he walks right over the top of it! (guess a dog could have pee-ed on that particular patch though and I don't know it). All in all it was a good weekend:-)
I think I worried Dr. Harper today by calling him (again)- but I was just reminding him to please send out the rest of the GastroGard.


Jennifer said...

I'm glad that Monday was an uneventful, boring read (meaning nothing bad happened!). Yeah! Jen

Anonymous said...

Hi Denise,

Can we assume no news so far today is good news?

Paul said...

I seen that you wrote on *my* blog so you must be feeling better.


Rory said...

Looks like ur making good use of Matt, lol.