Tuesday, June 26, 2007

One Stormy Night...

Lester was mimicking his favorite "Breyer horse" last night; Fighting Stallion. *rolls eyes
Last night was very stormy with TONS of rain (my rain dancing has finally paid off ;-) No turn-out for Lester, I didn't want to risk it and have him running all over the paddock. He and I helped take out the other horses and by the time the last horse was let go the bottom fell out. We could "see" the rain coming. This was when Less wanted to practice his "rearing". He danced around a little (I had to tell him the dancing was no longer necessary as it was ALREADY raining) and with a couple of shanks on the leadrope he settled back down. He grazed a total of 30 mins I think. I would have been happy to stand in the rain with him while he ate grass, but he really just wanted to practice more of his rearing so I said enough and put him to "bed". He whinnied a couple of times too, man does he sound like a little girl! (don't tell him I said that!) At least his nicker sounds pretty manly:-)
I spoke with Dr. Hanson yesterday about what comes next. We have lowered Less' GastroGard to 1/4 dose each day, however I fumbled with the tube too much and he got a little more than that. Dr. Hanson wants me to schedule an appointment with Dr. Olsen so that he can give him a good once over on the incision site and check for hernias, but I swear it looks like he never even had the surgery- the site is so tight, clean, and there is virtually no scar (see under Medical pics/ information to the right). After that Lester will be able to have a buddeh! We've decided on using "Fella" as the guinea pig errrr I mean companion choice for Lester:-) He's very laid back and not at all a player/ fighter. Dr. Hanson heard that Lester had a blog and signed the guest book! They (the vets and students) were joking about it (the blog) when we took Less to get scoped for ulcers- a student gave me a print out of his ulcers and said "Here, you can put this on your blog". I really wanted a print out of the ultrasound of his small intestines- looked just like a baby ultrasound. I would have most definitely put it on the blog, but also would have put it on my bulletin board at work so people would ask, "Oh is that your baby?" and I could say, well sort of, it's my horse's intestines:-)

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