Friday, June 29, 2007

My Miracle Child

If you haven't read Lester's guestbook in a while then you missed the following comment from one of his vets:
Reid Hanson
Comments: Glad to hear from you, Denise, that Lester is doing so well. Keep up the good nursing care. He is a real miracle child. Dr. Reid Hanson Auburn University

We need the rain, but I HATE the storms. Laura turned Less out yesterday around 6pm and I brought him in around 8:30pm, right before a HUGE thunder storm. He has a new "friend", the deer was in his paddock again and she doesn't seem too afraid of me. I called to Less and he came trotting over :-) He's so darn cute!
The flashes of lightning made Less and I both "jump". Then when I put him in his stall he was so unsettled that we had to close his stall door, usually he's mellow enough we just use the stall guard.
Dr. Olsen is supposed to be out today to check over the incision site. I forgot to mention earlier that when I talked to Dr. Hanson last that he said next week he didn't see why I couldn't get on Less and walk him undersaddle :-o (where is the pee my pants, but happy emoticon?)
Note: Above pic has been photoshopped ;-)

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Jennifer said...

Just walk around under saddle, huh? Yeah, right!