Monday, July 16, 2007

9 1/2 Weeks...almost

I finally got the first ride video downloaded, you can see it below! This past Saturday was 9 weeks exactly since his surgery. Man how time flys! We had a nice uneventful weekend again, love those! I hopped on him Friday afternoon for about 5 mins. I don't plan on doing much more than 5 min walks for awhile. The longer we go the more potential for spooking;-)
He did trot over to me yesterday morning though in the paddock and he looked happy and comfortable and soooooooooo cute.

I wonder if I should contact Visa or MasterCard as I have a good "Priceless" commercial for them;-)
$5,000- $7,000 for colic surgery---- finding out your boyfriend can handle such an emergency saying and doing all the right things; PRICELESS!!

I've been meaning to add this information to the medical links as it could really be beneficial for someone that didn't have their horse insured or a lot of money in savings (not just for your horse, but your dog/cat and yourself as well)
I signed up for this card AFTER I put the bulk of the costs on my Visa, but I do have over $1000 on this particular card. My monthly payment is $46 and I have no interest fees for a year.


Reiner said...

CareCredit is a lifesaver, for sure! I was glad to have it when Dreamer spend his week in the vet hospital this spring, and thankfully I just paid off the rest of it last week... it feels good!

Glad to hear that everything is still going great with Lester and he's continuing to progress!

Best wishes for continued success!

Jennifer said...

That's some exciting footage :-).

Anonymous said...

Glad to see things a moving along ur gald to get a ride cya.

RORY said...

OPPS! Glad to see things a moving along ur gald to get a ride cya.

Paul said...

Hurry up and write som thing else, Lester.