Sunday, July 8, 2007

Back in the saddle again...

Yesterday was a big day! First time I've been on his back in over 2 months! The reason I'm able to walk him under saddle so early is because his incision site healed so impressively well and no hernias developed. He was such a good boy, I mounted up from the mounting block and he stood there until I asked him to walk. After being on some squirmy babies lately that was a really nice change! He didn't "sink" down like I thought he would, but he was very stiff and when we would stop he "parked out" some- his hind feet were out behind him and he was standing stretched out. I kept a hunter/ perched position the whole time to stay off his back and just like him mosey around. Laura got a video of the 3-5 minute "ride" so I'll post that here when I get it!
His back was a little sore today so I didn't get on him and rubbed some Absorbine Gel on his back. We're taking it slow, one day at a time!

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Jennifer said...

"Looking Good" :-)