Friday, July 6, 2007

Medical Recap...

May 12th- Severe colic, epiploic foramen entrapment & a twist in the small intestines. Surgery required, removed 15 ft of the small intestines and 2 "fatty" benign tumors from his stomach.

May 14th- Hand walked for the first time.
May 17- 19th- Has been discharged, but I wanted to keep him there a few extra days

May 23rd- Staples removed, trailer home to temporary home.

May 24th (morning) -Mild colic, refluxing leads us to believe it's an impaction. Trailer back to Auburn to be on the safe side. No more "signs" of colic, but has a "colic work- up" done. He is readmitted.

May 30th- Trailer home from Auburn back to SummerWind Farm, his forever home.

May 31st (evening) - Signs of "colic"- kicking at belly, off food, pawing, glazed eyes. Banamine is given a couple of times and also Bucospan is given to slow down the "over active" gut sounds.

June 1st- Back to Auburn for an endoscopy to check for ulcers; significant ulcers found and GastroGard is prescribed (full tube once a day). Bloodwork is normal except a high creatinine level that could be due to stress.

June 9th- First time off lead in paddock

June 11th- Bloodwork redrawn, creatinine level and all other bloodwork is normal. 1 forgotten staple is removed.

June 27th- GastroGard is reduced to 1/4 dose per day; the average dose.

June 29th- "Check-up" exam. 1 small, maybe nothing, indention found near incision site that could be a hernia. Given green light to walk him undersaddle.

Note: The vets and I all agree that it is not necessary to take Lester back to Auburn to scope him and see how the ulcers are doing. It's just not worth the stress of taking him off food for 24 hours. Omeprazole (GastroGard or UlcerGard) is 100% proven to cure Equine ulcers and he is doing so well on it.

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