Thursday, July 26, 2007


Exciting week. Hah, not really. Monday night I was giving him his UlcerGard which he protested by slamming his jaw down on the top of my head. OUCH. NO CARROT FOR YOU!!!

Tuesday night I made the mistake of putting Lester out in the paddock without his gelding, Fella- Laura was untacking him and would bring him later. But Lester did just what I thought he would- walk calmly over to the water trough, take a few sips and casually walk off. Then seconds later he realized that Fella wasn't with him and I literally saw the "OH SH*T!!!!Expression on his face. He squealed and remembered that he has 4 legs and could RUN. He galloped and bucked and kicked. I flagged him down and tried to calm him until his buddy Fella got there, but I could only contain him for so long without the halter so I had to let him run and squeal again and get his halter. Once I did and he was back on lead he had this look like "Eh, maybe that was a little too much play". I'll admit though it was good to see him run and have fun again, but damnit I didn't have my camera:-(
Lester got new feets yesterday! So hopefully I can get back on him by this weekend and continue our walking sessions. Ronnie, his farrier said a new word I have never heard before.
He said he was going to cook "faheaters" that night :-) He was trying to say fajita.
Does my butt look big? :-/


Jennifer said...

I love shrimp "faheaters" :-)!!!

Jackie said...

Lester's butt looks absolutely perfect. Always looking for a good faheater recirpee!