Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pony Rides...FREE at own risk :-)

On Saturday I offered to let Jen and Laura sit and walk around on Lester, but they both declined. They have witnessed first hand how he gives "pony rides". I had some friends come out one time years ago and I let one on Lester (the girl who swore up and down that she was a "rider") and the other was put on our "monkey-see-monkey-do" horse, Polo (I call him P-Lo though to make him sound "cool"). Well Lester wasn't impressed with her pony riding skills and sent her flying and P-Lo sent his passenger flying as well :-( Thankfully I had made them both wear helmets!
Lester is like a box of chocolates, you just never know what you're gonna get.
I have forgotten to mention several times now that we are NOT taking Lester back to Auburn to scope him and see how his ulcers are doing. We all (me, Dr. Hanson and Dr. Olsen) feel that it's not worth the stress to put him through and besides, the Omeprazole (GastroGard) he's been on for over a month now is proven 100% effective in healing equine ulcers. In order to scope him he would have to come off all his food, including grazing for a 24 hour period and I'm just not willing to do that to him. It's one thing to take food away from a sick horse, but a happy/ healthy one is another! Lester hates the GastroGard, but he knows the routine now- he's allowed to chase it down with a carrot:-) He is such an easy and respectable boy on the ground.
I got on him again last night and he seemed perkier, but still very well behaved. I'm pondering right now the best "position" to let him walk in. I guess I'll let him "airplane nose" it a while longer and then maybe ask for a little long and low.


Paul said...

Ov course! Acting rowdy! Why didn't *I* think of that? *scheme* *scheme*

Jennifer said...

I've ridden Lester several times. I didn't want to take any of Lester's ride time from Denise :-)... yeah, that's it.