Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Tangible *Jingles*

MANY of you none horsey forum people have asked me what "jingles" are. This post and thank you is a week over due, but I wanted it to be accompanied with a picture. I have an actual curb chain now that I can literally "jingle" thanks to Rhonda (sugarvfk) from the UltimateDressage forum. She and I met for lunch last week and she gave me her late horse's curb chain. Fred, her Tennessee Walking stallion died of colic:-( She said I could use it to keep jingling for Lester to continue having a successful recovery.

Fred's Curb Chain

(a chain that is attached to the bit of a bridle that tightens when one pulls back on the reins)

Note to all, your jingling is still needed for up to a year!

Some people "Jingle" by thinking of the person or animal in need and physically "jingle" a curb chain, keys, or anything that jangles. Others send well wishes, prayers and positive energy. What ever your method of "Jingles" have been it has been very much appreciated and Lester and I thank you all!

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