Thursday, July 5, 2007

Hidden Picture...Can you spot the deer?

Can you find the deer in the picture?? (hint: look where the white and brown fence meet) Horrible pic of "Deer Abbey", but hey, I got one, OK. Laura said "get ready, she's going to jump the fence"- stupid me took "this" picture and when she DID jump the fence the camera was still processing "this" pic and I missed the jump shot:-x Sorry I missed to opportunity to show you how athletic Lester's deer really is. Limo and Spooky got to course her out of the field, so that was pretty amusing.
Well the "bump" turned out to be a bug bite and it is gone now! Yeah!!! Now I slather his belly in Swat fly lotion so there will be no more questioning... It was an uneventful weekend- gotta LOVE and TREASURE those! Lester got to herd his big gelding, "Fella" around so he was happy:-) And we brought the horses in last night a little before 9PM since it was The 4th of July and the neighbors are firecracker happy...


Jennifer said...

Do I win a prize? I found the deer's location. Travis and Katie are asking if they can course the deer also. I told them that its not a good idea since they have more teeth than Spooky and much longer legs than Limo..... together they might could actually catch her.

Anonymous said...

JENNIFER! You have won a free night at 260 Woodstream Dr- Food and drink not included ;-)
Ya, coursing Lester's deer with Katey and Travis is not a good idea!