Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I took Spooky to a Holistic vet today that does acupuncture. There are non near Newnan so I went to Altoona Animal Hospital in Woodstock, at least this place is kinda close to my parents so I can visit with them some when Spooky goes for acupuncture. I called them at 8am and they gave me a 10 am appointment. I quickly got ready and loaded Spooky in the back of my CRV. Then I had to run into the house 3 different times because I first forgot the directions, then my phone, then my purse....
Traffic wasn't bad and we pulled in right at 9:45. She got up and repositioned herself about 3 different times on the way up. When we got there I went in first and the lady at the desk got 2 vet techs to help me get her out. I lifted her out of the car and she immediately squatted and pee-ed. I evidently hit the bladder trigger. We wobbled and stumbled in and were put in a nice exam room with a blanket. She plopped down with my help and laid flat on her left side. She doesn't seem to have a preference of sides at this point. The vet tech came in and took our history and all the important info as to how I thought this happened and how it's progressed from pain to this. The vet, Dr. Wansky then came in and did some tests. Pinched her toes on both back legs which she squeaked at so she does have feeling in her toes still. She took a pin or needle and poked down her spine, again she had feeling all the way down. Spooky can stand, well support herself, but once she trys to take a step she will fall over. She will get up on her own at home, but she couldn't do it in the office, I think it was because of the blanket slipping on the floor and she just didn't have any traction.
Dr. Wansky didn't sugar coat anything and was straight forward. If it's bone cancer then she doesn't have a lot of time and the acupuncture could even excel the spread of cancer. But we are all hoping it is not cancer and have had one treatment of acupuncture and she on Predisone now which is a steroid that will reduce inflammation if it's a disk problem.
I did not see the point in taking her to a neurologist:-( I would not opted for the surgery. She's 11 and having to carry her like this for only 1 and 1/2 days has showed me that we would both be miserable:-( I hurt her everytime I have to get her up, I hurt her when I have to move her. She is 63 lbs and I just can't carry her everywhere and she would hate that anyways. She doesn't understand what is going on with her and she's so not happy. I haven't seen her wag her tail in days:-( We just have to hope and pray that the steroids and acupuncture will get her mobile again, enough to be happy.
So I chose to go ahead with the acupuncture today. The vet stuck her with 14 needles, not one made her make a peep. It was intersting to see them and how flexible and small the needles are. She missed the target when laying back down on the blanket so I believe she was cold laying on the floor as she quivered some. I put the sweatshirt over her and layed over her and talked to her. She got that happy, rub my belly look a couple of times after the needles where taken out, she also did a big stretch which I haven't seen. Getting her back in the car was awful. The sweatshirt around her waist hit her bladder trigger again and she pee'd 4 times before we made it to the car with the help of a tech. I picked her up and put her in and got her home. I put her on the ground and couldn't get her to lift up enough to put the sweatshirt around her waist so I just picked her up, man what a workout. I put her in an xpen behind the couch and it's right next to the back door so it's working pretty good. She soiled her blanket again around 4pm, I just can't get her schedule:-(

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