Monday, January 7, 2008

Who's that skinny bay?

Why it's Lester! At this rate I may have to up his feed some. But he's looking good. I tried to take a full body shot of him yesterday, but this is how it turned out. When I stomped my feet at him to "stand" he stuck his tounge out at me ;-) Gotta love him and just give'm treats.
He's been an absolute joy lately. When I mount, I just insert a sugar cube into his mouth and off we go, he doesn't expect another one for a while longer:-) But seriously, he isn't spooking and he isn't "nervous" I truely believe that the Thro-L took the edge off him just like my paxil does for me:-) Friday I took him on his first hack in AGES and solo. He was alert, but not spooking and no complete meltdowns... I can really get used to this! He wasn't sore at all from his shoeing. I make sure to give him his Icon (generic Adequan) on the same day as his new shoes now, the timing is just right, once a month.
I only lunge him and warm him up in the sidereins on the cold days now. Watching him go around like a western pleasure pony really makes me tired:-)

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Jennifer said...

I never thought about horses having low thyroids, but I guess they can just like people and dogs. I'm glad he's doing well.

Jen & Greyhounds