Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Back from the Laser Treatment...

We are back from the laser treatment. My vet accessed her again and we gave her a steroid shot, soludelta Cortef 500 mg (I'm told it will make her throw up, but so far she hasn't), and upped her Predisone to 50 mg... she has another laser treatment on Friday. What I have been told and have read it takes at least 3 treatments to see any real results. In the meantime I'm really getting a workout on my quads, thighs and arms. She's in the back of my CR-V resting in the shade, makes for a great crate!
During the accessment she tested her ability to "right" her feet and she noted that they were slower to respond then on Friday... I knew this, BUT they were quicker to respond then yesterday, so even though she didn't see it, there has been some improvement.

I was smart this time and brought a bed and did not bring her in the building until we had a room. I would have been smarter had I brought my own rug though, next time! She has a horrible time on their floors even when she's 100%. I carried her in and carried her out, didn't even try walking on that floor.

I told Dr. Johnson that I didn't see the point in taking her to a neurologist because I would not do any surgery and therefore the treatment would be the same, we are doing everything we can. She said that personally she would not put her through surgery in my shoes either. I will do what ever I have to do get Spooky through this, but I can't see having to start all over again and have to have her relearning how to do everything again.

May we have a good night together and make it outside for every potty attempt...

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