Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Happy moment...

Spooky pooped outside this AM! I must have had her timing perfect. I picked her up- I have found that if I lean over some first and then pick her up using my back then I can get to my feet- yeah not good for me, but carrying her saves time and accidents. So after she ate, standing up, I took picked her up and got her outside. I had the towel around her waist and put a little pressure on it and she squatted like she was going to pee, but pooped instead! I was so freak'n happy and excited, big praises for her and I swear she had such a look of accomplishment and happyness on her face. So I carried her back inside and put her in her crate- I feel so much better knowing she is in her crate and not the Xpen. She is getting up on her own and can even turn on her own. Still needs help walking, but I have noticed that she is "righting" (placing her feet correctly) every few steps, not always knuckeling over.
Last night wasn't all good. We had a pee accident. I was trying to help her up and just messed it all up, hit the bladder trigger and she squatted, peed and fell on her hiney, screaming of course. :-( I set my phone alarm to wake me up at midnight to pill her again and she was happy about a midnight snack. Even with getting up like that I feel pretty rested today.

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