Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I have a miracle horse, is it too much to ask for a miracle for Spooky now too? :-( As I posted earlier last week I believe Spooky must have slipped on the wet ground/ snow which caused a sever spinal injury. She started off just whimpering when she would lay down and whimper when she tried to get up. This was Sunday. By Tuesday she was back to playing with Limo in the house and wanting to run in the yard again- I should have halted both immediately, but it was a relief to see her in play again. By Thursday night she would no longer lay down. She had horrible back spasms and was so tense. I got her to lay down once that night and I think it was for only an hour, the rest of the night she stood and paced the floor. I took her to my vet the next day, Dogwood Animal Hospital. We did an xray of her spine and it didn't show anything as far as a slipped disk or severe arthritis. But it did show an old injury between her shoulder blades on the first rib of her ribcage and it has a "moth eaten" appearance to it, course this could mean bone cancer, but she did not have any pain when she was touched in that area. It's been recommended to xray the same area in a month to see if there has been any progression. In the office she was shaking so bad with spasms that the only way to stop them was for her to literally sit on my knee/ thigh. Dr. Johnson's tests revealed some neurological problems. She wouldn't right her left foot at all when knuckled over and she was very slow to right it on the right side.
We were sent home with some muscle relaxers, Methacarbanol (sp) and pain pills, Tradimal (sp). She did much better over the weekend. No more spasms and she was getting better, almost annoying because she wanted to play and go go go, but I had to keep her quiet and on a leash.
Well by the time I came home for lunch yesterday she was going down hill and fast. She walked with her hind legs out behind her and wobbled back and forth, yet she still had control of each leg and didn't need assistance. I decided to lock her in the bedroom to keep her off all the slippery floors in the house. By the time I got home last night from the farm she was worse:-( but still getting around on her own. That changed quickly, as I was preparing their dinner she was behind me and screamed and when I turned around she was pooping on the floor. I don't know what happened, did she slip and that made her poop or did she poop because she suddenly lost control? I don't know. She ate fine with me standing behind her holding her rump. I began using a sweatshirt to stable around her hips. She was still moving her legs at this point, but I wanted the support to be there. I borrowed an xpen and crate from my good friend Teresa- thanks Teresa! Through the night she progressively got worse. I slept on the couch and she layed on a bed next to me. I had a leash on her so if she pulled I'd feel it. We got up 4 times to try and go potty. The first attempt I didn't support her well enough and she fell and cried:-( after that she didn't want to attempt it anymore. But finally after the 4th time she went and I was able to support her. I noticed each time that she had less and less control of her legs when we went out:-( She soiled in her crate over night, I don't think the control is there anymore:-(

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We're all pulling for you Spooky!
T, Rosie, GiGi, Sonny, KoKo and Sharla