Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More Snow!

I think the previous snow pics are cuter, Less just looks wet and annoyed:-(
The horses went out about 9am on Saturday and came back in around noon and were happy to do so. Their necks were drenched since it started out as sleet and rain first. My fingers were freezing when I took these pics, I bet their little ears were freezing too! I had Limo with me too, I left Spooky at home because I knew she would be miserable, but I thought Limo would tough it out better than she did! She started to shake and got really cold so I put her in the car for most of the time, she was happy to just look out and stay warm. Guess she's smarter than I give her credit for:-)

I guess I haven't ridden Less since he was crazy and hyper and that was last Tuesday, wow it's really been a week? I have lunged him though and he's been looking good.

I lunged him with sidereins on Friday night and he did really nice. Saturday and Sunday he had completely off and then last night I lunged him just in his halter, I just wanted him to move a bit without really working. I don't know if it's just my imagination or just hopeful thinking, but I think he's moving much free'er in his shoulders now even his right one! Time will tell I guess.

I got some cute pics of the dogs over the weekend....I'm a little worried about Spooky, I think she slipped on some ice last night at the farm and tweaked her back or hindend:-( She's been pittiful and squeaking when she lays down or gets up. I hope she'll be better in a couple of days.

Limo looks so funny running! LOL

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Jennifer said...

Get that pup to a chiropractor and then go for some accupuncture!