Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's a monster, it's a deer, no wait, it's just a tree!

Lester was good and bad on Sunday. I hadn't been on him in 2 days and stupidly decided not to lunge him. We went for a hack around the farm with Laura and another rider and he was NUTS! Originally I wasn't going to join them, but when I saw the neighbor driving a pickup truck down into the woods near the area we ride in I thought a working ride was doomed so I rushed (trotted) to catch up with them on their hack. He jigged and danced the whole way not to mention hung on my arms endlessly. It's the equivalent of someone jumping into your arms saying "Hold me, I'm scared"! Then it was time to turn back towards the barn. Not exactly sure what really caused it- my parked car, Limo, the fact that Laura and the other girl were ahead of us? But he decided at this time to do the spin, bolt, freak out movement :-x Not sure how I hung on, I was definitely unseated and was hanging on his mouth (for a change) I let out two big "Ho, Hos" and spun him in a circle and was able to hang on. I was determined to stay on, usually at this point in the past I would have just gotten off and walked back, but he wasn't going to win this one. So I stayed on. We got to go first and had to walk by some trees. Oh the torture I put him through! His eyes were dead set on looking at the trees and what ever might be in them- I didn't hear or see a thing, but he sure did. He tried to bolt and spin twice, but I held on and made him collect up and walk sideways looking at the woods- sideways at least puts me in a little more control or gives me that illusion.
So we got back to the barn and since he was all keyed up I knew he would be forward and I could probably get some decent work out of him. He just wanted to go go go. For the first time in a long time we did a collected canter, it felt great to the left, to the right he wasn't so agile and kicked out or bucked at my spur.
I thought for sure after a day of collection like that that he would be sore, but he wasn't. I lunged him with side reins and he looked really good, nice and forward and had a nice over step both directions. I got on him and just walked, forward and collected. He will still just pull the right rein out of my hand, he's really perfected that move of his.

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