Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lester the whinnying ninny

This is really the first time Less has had a good run n buck since his tummy ache...he got new shoes yesterday and I wanted him to trot around and "loosen up" a bit- I think he did that, LOL. He was upset because I took Polo away from him. He didn't come to me so we left him- I'm an evil mommy:-) Happy grazing pony turned into crazy pony...but it cracks me up when he runs around and whinnies he sounds like such a girl!

The Panalog seems to have done the trick for the itchy spot! I was hoping to get a video of someone scratching it, but he didn't even react- which is a good thing, but I missed a video opp, lol. Anyway, I still don't know what the heck it is- after rubbing and scratching the scab off (though there was never much of one) it revealed two little holes side by side like a bite- but I tell you his leg NEVER swelled so how could it have been a bug bite?

Less was so jazzed up last night I was able to get a close up video of his ninny whinny.

Oh my gosh I just forgot I never got Limo a pumpkin :-o must go do that, hopefully I can still find one!


Stephanie said...

Ha ha! That is hilarious! I love it.

I always hated it when one of my horses did that i would be standing there, then have look away and pretend like that's not my horse out there acting like an idiot...

But its super funny when someone else's horse is doing it the pissed off run, buck and whinny thing!

Laura said...

Ha ha - too funny. Love the videos of that Less-man running around like a hooligan! :-)

Nice white board fences too!

allhorsestuff said...

Oh man that was a little race track out there for him..My mare would love that!! The "ninny whinny" is hilarious too!

I was dying when you started to say, "okay, that's enough"...he goes around again.." ho"..he goes again..."comehere"...he runs yet more!

cdncowgirl said...


I've always thought it kinda funny how most geldings have little prissy whinnies and most mares have deep throaty ones.

Ok, we've seen Lester the Arab, Lester the QH and Lester the camellama. Today we saw Lester the TB!!
You know, the whole "lalalalalala I can't heeear you. I'm runnnniiiinnnggggg."

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

Yesss it's always funny when someone elses horse acts like this!

Thanks allhorsestuff for pointing out my horse ignoring me! I meant to add a disclaimer to IGNORE my begging and voice on the video..ick.

and cdn he was def' "checked out" in TB land...LOL and you're sooooooo right about mares and geldings- my mare had a soft, but almost non-existent whinny.

IHateToast said...

you didn't get limo a pumpkin? and you call yourself loving. oh the shame.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

LOL! LOL!!! He doesn't even open his mouth to whinny but a bitty bit! lol!

When I heard that sound in the first I thought that sound came from goats (do you have any?).
I swear! He makes a sound similar to my goats squealing for food and feeling frisky! LOL!!

This really cracked me up :)

And the first video of him bucking, and running around is so silly, too. He's got some kind of spirit when he wants to, eh?

I've had my mare for 9 months now and have never seen her get all bucky and farty like that. I think it would be cute! lol.
She's my lazy gal, though. I suppose I should be thankful, maybe? :)


Anonymous said...

Either Casey is too shy and afraid of being embarrassed to act like that, or it's coming some time in the future. I haven't heard him make a single noise yet.

Less is just too cute!