Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Who Let the Arab Out?!

Sing the title as in "Who let the dogs out", but replace dogs with Arab and enjoy the pics:-) p.s I'm not trying to dis Arabians, I just think Arab when I see Less' tail and neck arched as such:-)
The funny thing is these pics were taken the day before GreyFest, when the tents, tables and chairs had already been set up, but there were only a few people around... Less was snorting and looking at everything, but the next day when the huge crowd and noise was there he was all mellow and happy.


SunnySD said...

Beautiful boy! They can be so funny sometimes with what's "snort" worthy :)

Sientay L said...

I love looking at him prancing around. He looks happy. He is such a beautiful horse. Wish we could've made it to Greyfest this year.

allhorsestuff said...

Here from ~Allhorsestuff~blog
WA Sha She
is how I say it.
though my rider friend Nora(who rode Pantz all summer) says it like so..
Waaa ShaShay..sounds more indian like that way I do think. She is named that after my mothers Indian tribe- OSAGE - It Washashe means: "People of the Middle Waters". Osage
Very nice Arabian impressions there too!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sunnysd. He really is a beautiful boy!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

He really is doing that Arabian Tail thing. I especially like the pic of him from the rear, and then that one straight on looks like he's made of fire! :)


Maria Peters said...

A feast for the eyes. Thanks Mr. Lester!

Melanie said...

How dare you knock Arabians????Totally just!!!!
Lester looks quite handsome doing his Arab impression.

In case you haven't already, pop back over to my blog(read the comments), and then go to AOHCM's. Your drunken(teeheehee!!!)ramblings have started quite the interest in mares/fillies who look like their male counterparts!

It is really quite funny, and I was wondering who else was going to pick up on that picture!
Just goes to show where our minds!!!

cdncowgirl said...

Lester was probably alarmed because he thought he'd missed the crowd. When they showed up the next day he could relax and let them admire him!
OH! Or maybe he heard a rumor that you had ran out of cookies :o

Gorgeous pics :)

Callie said...

Goofy horses! Great pics of him, though!

Stephanie said...

Hey very cute! I think he looks very arab-like in those picture too! In fact at first glance I didn't see Lester - I saw a some strange Arabian horse on your blog.