Monday, July 28, 2008

More on Lester

Lester had some visitors on Sunday, the family that adopted Kadabra. Dawn (mom) is like my
new best friend, we have much in common it's scary! It was great to see the whole family again with Kadabra/ Abby- they love her so much:-)

Less is so gentle with the younger ones. He holds his head low so they can pet him and even if they are holding treats he remains a gentleman. I have no worries letting anyone lead him, give them the basic rules of leading and off they go.
So now that I'm looking at these pics I'm kicking myself for not videoing Less walking up and down this hill just to see him go...

Saturday I talked to Dr. Matt and told him I wasn't going to be riding Less anymore. He sounded surprised, but agreed that I made a good decision because we still have no idea what's wrong with him. We both had very high hopes it was in the knee. But if is makes any sense I think each injection we gave him brought out the worst in him. Of course those particular joints moved and looked better, but overall he seemed to be worse and I think it's because he felt better and wanted to use himself correctly, but couldn't- does that make any sense? Dr. Matt is going to be xraying parts of his neck in the near future to see if we can see any arthritis.

Thank you all for the kind words regarding my decision and Lester in general:-) I promise to get his tongue trick on camera again soon:-p When I told Matt about my decision he said that maybe we could enter Lester in some grazing competitions:-)


Anonymous said...

So does that mean that if the injections did work in the knee, he tried to use his body correctly, but couldn't, that means there could be something else going on too?

Oh Less what a sweetie. He looks very kind with the youngins :).

You know you could take Less on great walks, your barn is absolutely beautiful and I'm sure your boy would love to enter some grazing competitions!

Some nice chats while lounging in the the fields would be nice too. I'm sure he would enjoy it. I always find those times some of the greatest to share with a horse. :)

jesterjigger said...

Lol, do they have grazing competitions? I'm so entering Jessie, if so. Looks like Lester had a lot of fun with his fan club too!

dawn stone said...

Oh, I love the pictures, yours are way better than mine. The funny thing is Rocky said you and me were like two peas in a pod and you must be great friend to still like me after I talked your ears off :) Anyway, we can't wait to go see Lester again he is truly a sweetheart.

jme said...

i'm glad your vet agreed with your decision. it's the right call. it must be hard for Less too, and it's good to know he'll still have plenty of grazing, snacking and hugs to fill his day. i doubt he'll have any trouble adapting to his new life with so many good people around who care about him :-)

Pony Girl said...

Sorry to hear about Lester. I know this must be such a tough time for you. My gelding is off in the hind end a little and it bothers me. I know it's because he was a reining horse when he was younger and his hocks are shot (he's not designed for reining)and I had a chiropracter work on him, but I just worry he's going to get worse or that he's in pain.

It looks like Les was really enjoying his young friends!

Stephanie said...

Two words: VERY CUTE!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Your decision was a tough one, but I'm sure it's the right one for Lester. He looks like such a sweetheart, I'm glad he has lots of friends who love him and I'm also sure he is a shoe-in to win the grazing competitions.

Maximus said...

tell me your secret Lester. I've been trying for months to be a pasture horse but it hasn't worked.