Monday, July 14, 2008

**WARNING** extremely boring footage

We set up a camera in the living room to spy on Limo while we are at work :-) as if I didn't have enough distractions with blogs and email now I can watch live footage of Lim Lim on Limo Cam! She goes MIA every now and then and of course I have to watch the screen until she returns. Today she has mostly stayed on that bed in front of the couch. If you're lucky she might yawn or scratch for you. LOL
Click here to view Limo Cam

username: limo
password: garbage
(hours of operation 7:30am-5:15 pm M-F) :-)

We call her Garbage sometimes because that's what her breath smells like, we stole the name from the Office episode where Dwight tries to give Angela one of his barn cats named Garbage because he eats garbage :-)

Let me know if she does anything exciting. And no the pic isn't from the web cam, I took this photo of her and "Mini Me" the other day. I tell her it is a Voodoo doll of herself, but she still chews it, ripped the stuffing out and gnawed off the nose and eyes...


Laura said...

I think you should leave the LIMO cam on at night so we can see her in action when you are home!


jesterjigger said...

Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I mean, what am I supposed to do at 8:30 and the cam is off??? At least let us know if you see her do something cool!

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

Hah, sorry to disappoint, the hours of operation will remain 7:30am to 5 something... I assure you, you're not missing much, lol.

Anonymous said...

aw man. i will have to check when i wake up. or is it before i go to bed. bloody time zones

Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

That's kinda neat I wish we had a high enough band width to do that with our dogs in the yard so I could watch what it is they do all day beside destroying sprinklers..

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Yep, that was boring :-). I do like the picture of Limo with her vodoo pup though. Where do you live ihatetoast?


cdncowgirl said...

denise: I just noticed the comment you left on my blog about my nails lol
I get gel nails b/c they're tough! The only horse related damage to them was one the very tip of one corner broke. Of course that was nothing, the tip of the actual bone in my finger broke as well!
Seriously though, I also get them so that my hands look "nice" for work. I ask my nail tech to keep them as short as she can so they don't get in the way. I like them because your nails always look clean and tidy :) The nails are probably the most "girlie" thing about me! lol

greytblackdog said...

i LOVE that episode of the office. even better when she doesn't want that barn cat and he just throws it in someone else's office and shuts the door. Could you imagine the smell of coming into your office after a ferrell male barn cat has been in your office going wild :) LOL - GARBAGE!

I'll have to check out the limo cam when I'm back in GA. Jen - ihatetoast is officially an AUSSIE now - formally an XPAT from the US :)

Anonymous said...

oh man. i finally get on and see nothing. no biggie, i have a book to read. i'll sit and read a bit.

nope. the hubby, who threw his back out, needed help getting dressed.

i come back and there's lim! i didn't get to see the great entrance.

oh man. no biggie. i'll cope. just. must run to get the book for my webcam read.