Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Shoe Day

PonyMan got new shaa-ooz today, he went almost 6 weeks , which is unheard of for Mr. Lester. But it wasn't like we were doing much this set of shoes. Ever since he got his last set he was "off", OK, I'll say it, he was LAME. I hate admitting that because everyone jumps to conclusion that it must be bad shoeing by my farrier...And it's not. I had the right idea about the act/ process of the shoeing is what makes him sore, just didn't have the right joint it effected most:-/ I (and Dr. Matt) feel certain it's been his knee all along (blood came from the needle prick for the top injection). Dr. Matt said that knee pain is somewhat rare and there aren't many cases where he's had to inject a knee before. I always thought it had something to do with his shoulder or his hindend :-x Everthing just seems to add up more and more. I didn't give Less any bute last time he got shoes because I thought he didn't need it sense he had the fetlock injection. Wrong move on my part. So today Less got all the extras. I rubbed his knee down with the Absorbine gel liniment, gave him his bute and he got his Ichon shot. I also walked him and jogged him some before I put him back in his stall.

I got on him for the first time since the knee injection on Sunday and he was a good boy. We didn't do much, just walk and a few trot steps- Dr.'s orders. But I did notice that he was not bared down on the bit unwilling to let go and he was more willing to turn right:-) Same thing yesterday, and then today he had off because he got his new shoes. Dr. Matt wanted me to wait longer on getting him shod because of the flexion required in the knee, but his shoes were a day away from falling off. And since Ronnie comes from so far away he only had today available. I didn't plan the injection/ shoes perfectly, but hopefully it doesn't set us back too bad.
Less was pretty good for his shoes as always, but he seemed a bit nervy, not sure why. He had his hind feet waiting in the air for Ronnie everytime he came for them, but he also poop'd twice which he NEVER does. Reason # 567 that I love about him is he can come into the barn, get tacked up, come back in and get untack and not leave any poop! My heart always swells with pride when Less is in the barn and another horse poops and he doesn't:-) I've probably just jinxed myself for life now....:-p
I didn't know what my shoe bill was going to be today, and when I told Matt what it was and I said "I gave him an extra $30 for gas", he went all day thinking I had said an extra $130 :-o No wonder I got a "budget" lesson from him, LOL. I know I'm not good with money, but I am not that bad!


IHateToast said...

oh, and what? you don't give him a lecture about listening to you? c'mon. shudda zapped him.

cdncowgirl said...

Good to hear the injections seem to be working *knocks wood*

How long does Mr. Lester usually go between shoes? 6 weeks is pretty standard for us. Does Les wear his faster or does he tend to lose them?

As for his pooping... I think Lester & Cessa are somehow psychically linked and she does his share of pooping for him. (c'mon there has to be a reason she poops SO much! lol)

Your Absorbine gel liniment... which one is it and what do you use it for? I mean, I know what liniment is usually for but are there any specific benefits you seem to get from it?

Sorry to ramble so long, hope I made sense. My brain is fried, we started our Greek lessons again tonight after about 2 months off.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I feel that way about my dogs not pooping in my house. :-)

LOL... about the budget lesson. Yeah, I'd be harping on you too about $130.


inkeq said...

Maybe Less pooped there because he was relaxed?

I hope the knee injection brings good things. :)

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

iht- I tried, but he said I need to speak clearer next time*rolls eyes...at least it wasn't a long lecture.

cdn- Less is a routine 4 weeks sometimes 5 weeks for shoes, always has been...not sure why, after that amount of time his feet are very long and the nail heads pop up and sometimes get lose...

The liniment gel I use is the "refreshment" smell:-) one, I always have some on hard for after hard work out (yeah right-lol) or if I've seen him run in the pasture alot or something. I put it on his knee because it's like Bengay for us- for sore muscles and arthritis- stimulates circulation I think?

Jen-you'd be surprised at the stories that my cable techs tell me about customers houses that they go into and there is dog crap all around and the cust has no intetion of picking it up :-o - so you should be proud :-)

jesterjigger said...

My husband has the opposite problem...we looked at dogs in a pet store and I asked how much a puppy was, the clerk told me he was $1275. I glanced at my husband and he didn't even flinch, I was very impressed. And a little worried by the lack of reaction. So after we were done in the pet store I told him I was impressed and he asked why, and I told him I was impressed he didn't even flinch when the clerk said the puppy was $1275. DH's eyes got really big and he said, "$1275?!?! I thought she said $75!"

cdncowgirl said...

I didn't know Absorbine made Refreshmint as a gel!! I love the liquid stuff. I put it in a spray bottle with some water and spray it all over the ponies after a good workout.
Have to see if I can find the gel.