Friday, July 11, 2008

These boots were made for trott'n...

It was rainy yesterday and more rain was expected so I didn't ride. Instead I put his bell and splint boots on and turned him out in the ring to watch him "go"- I didn't want to lunge him yet. Isn't he cute in his boots? :-) He looks so fancy:-) So those of you that watch the video, give me your opinion on how he's "going" would ya? Ignore the end where he completely ignores me :-x

and here's another video for those that love his tongue trick :-p


Stephanie said...

OH my GOSH that is so cute!!

Thanks for sharing the video - that made my Friday. I'll tell ya I will be in the best mood all day because of your video!

Thanks your the best!

How did you teach him to do that?

cdncowgirl said...

The tongue trick always gives me a giggle, thanks for including it! :)

As for the first video, I think he looks more comfortable and balanced in general than he did before.
Not sure which knee was injected but for the first couple of steps he looked a teeeeeeny (extremely teeny) bit stiffer on his right. Just for the first couple steps.
This time he looked more elegant and "floaty" than the last video I watched of him.

jesterjigger said...

Aaaack! The crunching just makes me want to giggle, he's so cute. I was impressed with how quickly and nicely he picked up the trot at the beginning of the video, and then laughed when he settled in as far away as he could get to keep munching. I agree that he looked a little off the first few steps, but that may also have been the camera. I love youtube and internet videos, but for some reason they just aren't as clear and smooth on the internet as they are in person.

He certainly seems happy (at least when you aren't interrupting his grass eating!). And I loved the tongue trick, thank you Lester for taking time out of your busy grass munching to do it for your internet fans.

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

Thanks guys! I think he looks happier and more comfy on his legs too! :-) It's hard to get him to go right sometimes, but he was pretty willing to do so which I thought was a good sign too! It's his right knee that was injected and since it's been done I can see such a difference in him!

I'm glad you all liked the 2nd video, LOL. He's done that for years and it's not actually something I taught him...I'll devote a whole post on his tongue soon:-)

Anonymous said...

Lester is so "purty"! I'm glad he's in the family. I love it when he responds to your voice commands. (ok, he doesn't always respond) He's looking good.
L, M

Rising Rainbow said...

He figured out pretty quickly that you weren't going to make him continue to trot........horses are so smart. lol

inkeq said...

haha, love the tounge trick!! What a cutie!

Maximus said...

I like your tongue trick. I don't have to work hard for cookies though. I just have to stare at the people's pockets.