Monday, July 7, 2008

"Over-caste on my Parade"

I decided at the last minute to put LimLim and Kadabra in our town's parade :-) I thought it would look good on K's resume if she did well. My work sponsored it and so I asked if the dogs could tag along...I had no idea what to expect :-p If it hadn't been such sort notice I would have dressed Kab in a sign saying "Fast Reliable Service" and Limo in one that said "the other guys"- We are a Cable/Internet/Phone provider company :-)
We soooooooo lucked out with over caste weather! So I didn't have to worry about their feeties on the hot pavement...Limo seemed pretty OK at first, but then the High School Band started up 8-0 and she had a GrimLim melt down. We were first, directly in front of the band, but I moved us up in front of our work truck and that helped a little. Lim quickly realized that no one was going to come up to her and that the noise was just noise so she stopped trying to get away from me and settled alittle bit. She was still bug-eyed throughout and had her tail tucked, but she lived! Kadabra on the other hand didn't fret about any of it. She is Parade proof!

First pic is "Before the band started" and 2nd is an after :-p


cdncowgirl said...

Yay K!
Had to chuckle... remembered the first time I rode Cessa in a parade. Just before the parade started Kimfer & I found out we were right in front of the bagpipes! It was actually good. Cessa didn't care about them and Baron was pretty good.

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

OMG you're brave cdn! Less would def'ntly kill me in a parade... though I did take him on a beach ride 6 or 7 years ago and actually survived that! Do you have pics from that parade? Good girl Cessa!

Anonymous said...

i like the first photo of lim lim and the dainty ankles. like some old jackie kennedy pose.