Monday, July 21, 2008

Limo Cam Comments

I spied her on that bed for almost 3 hours today! I have found her to be more active than I would have thought, but she still goes MIA for hours, some viewers have told me that she hides behind the couch alot...that's where she must plan all the evil things she does. One thing is for sure, Limo Cam helps us keep the living room a bit cleaner:-)

Several peeps have sent me emails commenting on Limo Cam and they were too funny not to share...

"[son] was calling Limos name and crinkling paper trying to get her attn.Then she lifted her head and he was sure she heard him.I had to turn it off or we would be here all day playing with your dog!"

"[daughter]has discovered limo cam, she has been watching her all day. She will yell out "we got movement" when she moves around......too funny"

"oh hey, i saw limo action. something went by the window and got him very excited."

"I got to see her get up, stretch, and leave! "
Stay tuned, what will Limo do next?!


Mrs Mom said...

Hey Denise! THanks for stopping in my blog! I love that pic of Dear Husband. Put up another tonight of him and a pony too. ;)

Poor Limo! LOL... sounds like he has quite the fan club!

cdncowgirl said...

Denise, I've kicked you a tag. The meme is 6 Things we don't know about you.
(hope you don't mind)

sidetracked said...

Your cam is great and a good way to waste time at work, shhh! I'm curious to what my dogs do during the day as well? They never get into anything and are perfect when I get home. Do they just sleep all day, play with eachother or what? maybe I need to invest in a Phin and Abby cam.

greytblackdog said...

i have had the limo cam up for hours and seen nothing. i now see that i must interact with her in order to get her to respond. too much fun!

Maria said...


I think you're on to something with Limo cam! It's much better for kids to watch than anything on tv....her pace is just right, and won't induce autism or ADD, as some claim about tv watching....we're hookin' up as soon as the kids come back!

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

Maybe I should put a watermelon in the middle of the room:-) that would liven things up. Heck she bock'd at a 12 pack of Charmin (TP)the other night, I'm sure I could put anything out of the ordinary and she'd freak.
LOL gbd- yes, try crinkling some paper.. she must be behind the couch today... cuz I dont' see her either.

maria- I'm not resposible for what Lim might do on camera! :-o LMAO

mrs mom - I'll have to check out the new pony pic... Limo is a girl despite her name:-) it's OK, everone says he, lol

sidetracked- it's worth it, it's fun to watch her and you can see if your house is still standing, I haven't seen Lim play with her toys, but she moves around a lot.

Next week we'll introduce a new character to Limo's world:-) a greyhound named Wiki.

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

oh cdn- thanks for the tag, I'll get right on it! :-)

cdncowgirl said...

I can't watch the Limo cam :(
My poor old 'puter needs to be cleaned up before I start doing stuff like that, and my laptop is not co-operating.
When everything is ship-shape I want to watch!!

Pie often says we should leave the camcorder on and see what the dogs & cats do while we're gone. Some days we get home and the dog toys are EVERYWHERE. lol

jesterjigger said...

Oooh, thanks for the screenshots! I think DH and I need to set up a Kitty and Elphie cam, if it keeps the living room clean!

Anonymous said...

limo needs a dodgy online bf.

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