Friday, February 15, 2008

2 weeks

So it's been 2 weeks now since Spooky's death. I'm still drinking at night probably more than I should, but sometimes I just want to be numb and not have to think. I woke up this morning and thought Limo's head was Spooky's for a second... I uploaded alot of pictures to the CVS photo center website and got them printed out. I'm happy to report that most of the pics came out well and better than I thought they would. I now have a framed photo of Spooky and I on the mantle and it makes me feel better. I put the rest of the photos in a little album as a Valentine's Day gift for both Matt and myself.
Gosh I miss her.
I remember when we would housesit for a house in Sandy Springs they had 3 or 4 greyhound which meant toys galore. Spooky was a toy hound, LOVED toys, but would never destroy them. When we went to this house she would claim a dog bed for the weekend and then go around the house and gather up all the toys and take them to "her" bed. She would just lay there with all the soft toys, I distinctly remember a pig being one of the favorites. If I left the room she'd pick the pig to come too- she could never let me out of her sight when she had the choice.
At home we had a basket of toys and she always had to have every toy out. When ever we went somewhere new she would scope out the place and see what toys they had. One of the first times I took her to my parents' house she left the room and came back with a teddy bear that was sitting in the dining room, I think it was in a highchair or something. After that I had to buy dog toys to keep at my parents house as they were dogless for years.

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Anonymous said...

Spooky would probably ask that you not drink tonight.