Friday, February 15, 2008

Lester my wonder horse

I haven't mentioned Lester in a while because I've been so focused on my grief over Spooky. Lester has been himself lately and I really needed that. He's been sweet, charming and a joy to ride. I didn't ride for a week after Spooky passed because after 12 years I learned that if I'm really down about something Lester will take advantage of it :-/
Lester and his buddy Polo have been spending the winter in the top pasture for their turnout. The pasture is so far from the barn that it's easier and saves time if I just park at the pasture and bring Lester and Polo to the barn. Now when I pull into the farm's gate and Less sees my car he comes running and nickering. It's enough to melt my heart even though I know he's expecting a peppermint or sugar cube:-) Oh and if I drive to the barn first? He is VERY upset and gives me this look like I have abandoned him. Look at that face!
So Lester continues to amaze me in his workouts. His lunging is beautiful to watch and gives me goosebumps sometimes! I've just never seen him step out like this before. It's like his shoulder and neck have really opened up. The last 2 times I've ridden him I haven't even lunged him before. I just have him do some turns on the forehand in hand and some side ways stepping and trotting in hand and then hop on, insert sugar cube, and off we go:-)
Even when I'm on him I can feel him stepping out and if he gets fussy he just lengthens, very different from getting fussy and going short and tight! I do love this horse and feel so lucky to have a second chance with him.


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