Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap year...

Won't see this date posted anywhere for another 4 years... would it have been too much to ask that Spooky pass today instead of on the 1st of this month? To not have to relive the "day", but only every 4 years? I'm funny about dates more than the next person I think. When I got back to work on Feb. 3rd and was working through work orders that had the 1st on them, well I just rushed through them as if to make them disappear- I didn't any time on them because really if everyone before me did their job correctly then the account should be correct... I think in a strange way I envy anyone losing a loved one today as long as it's been their time coming.

So we pick up a greyhound tomorrow to foster for a while. Who will it be?

Who ever tries to eat Limo the least will be the one.
Let the snarl fest begin (Limo is a real biotch and wants us all to herself)

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