Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Opened the flood gates...

It's weird what will bring on the uncontrollable tears. I just got a call from the Altoonna Animal hospital where Spooky had her acupuncture done telling me they never received her xrays and wanted to know if I wanted to schedule a visit:-( I wish I could. Afterall it's only been a little over 3 weeks. I shocked her by telling her that Spooky had died, I guess it's having to say those words aloud that bring on the tears it's still just so raw:-( The lady was very sympathetic.
Dr. Wanksy had warned me that *if* she had cancer that it could speed it up. I asked what that meant and she assured me that meant by a week and not months. I do think the acupuncture and laser treatment sped up her death, but I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing. Spooky was withering away, I could see it in her face and body. I just didn't want to accept it so I tried to think and treat it as an injury. Even though I did know it wasn't good. My friend Teresa lost her greyhound Smokey in the exact same way. She believes a teeth cleaning sped up his cancer spreading, he too lost use of his hindend. It all just happens so fast, you just never know when their last run, last tail wag, their last endearing moment towards you will be:-( It was hard on both of us having her lose the use of her hindend so I guess the sooner we didn't have to deal with that anymore the better. I like to think that Smokey greeted Spooky during her passing since they lived together and had sleep overs together for many many years. Smokey was the laziest greyhound I have ever known, but he was a clever one:-) He always had to have the best dog bed and if another dog had it he would fool us ALL by barking at any hour of the night to be let out. I would drag my lazy butt out of bed and open the door to see Rosie, Spooky, Cafree or Fesstus and what ever foster she had at the moment zoom out (they had fallen for the "there's something outside bark" where as I would fall for the "hafta pee bark), but there was never Smokey. I would go back to the bedroom to find him all nestled up in the best dog bed and he wasn't going to budge.

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Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I was told the same thing when I took Katie for acupuncture when she possibly had bone cancer. My thought was that if she has bone cancer, she's probably going to die soon. But if she is cancer free (and she was) then I was going to do everything I could to reduce the paralysis and get her up and running again. So I opted for acupuncture too. Jen