Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Spooky's Life

I have finally completed the remix slideshow I've done in honor of Spooky. None of the pics or video will do her justice, she was the most enjoyable girl to be around and she loved everyone. When we would go to visit my parents she would stand at the front door and just wag her tail like crazy and she was welcomed everywhere.


Anonymous said...

Dear Denise,

I know Spooky helped you through some difficult times and was always there for you. This is a wonderful tribute to Spooky. She was loved and she will always be remembered and missed.


Anonymous said...

It was impossible to keep a dry eye while watching Spooky's slide show. She was special. I loved all the names she had. I think Spookina was my favorite. The slide show is beautiful (as was Spooky) You did a wonderful job of conveying what a great life Spooks had with you and Matt. It makes me
wonder if she ever remembered her racing life and compared it to the life you gave her. If so, she appreciated you more and more each year. I really enjoyed seeing the video of her playing. What wonderful memories we'll always have of her.
Love, Mom

Laura said...

I agree, What a wonderful tribute to spooky. She did indeed have a wonderful life.

I lost it when I got to the photo of Spooky and Aimee .

I would love a copy of that photo if possible.

Jennifer said...

Really nice slide show. You have so many wonderful pictures of her. Makes me feel like I hardly knew her when I see the many shots of her life and personality. She is definitely a "heart dog". I just can't believe how short their lives are.... just not fair.