Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Don't make my mistake

Ask for your pet's collars and tags up front when they pass. I didn't know this was something I had to tell my vet and apprently her collar was cremated with her. Makes me feel a little better knowing it wasn't lost, but it is still something I really wanted to have. I called my vet office and the crematory place. My vet office said the pet's are sent in a bag after being identified with a tag- the tag is on the bag. When I called the crematory place I got a little more info then I wanted:-/ He said they don't even look in or open the bag. The pet, bag, and whatever is in the bag is cremated. The remains are then put through a sifter to take out the bone fragments so there is no chance of me even having her tag:-(

Don't make my mistake, ask for the collars and tags up front even though I think it should be a "given"........also talk to your vets about when that sad time does come would they be willing to put them to sleep at home or in your vehicle.

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