Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Matt brought up an excellent point

He does so every once in a while ;-) and I didn't see it this way, but he said to me last night that he's OK with the loss of her collar because in return she was laid to rest in our car. He said he was sure that "normal" procedure wasn't followed since they had to take her out of the car. He is right. I'm at peace now that I don't have her collar; we exchanged it for a peaceful end for her. I don't fault the vet office anymore. Dr. Morris said he would give us a moment before they took her away that day, but I told him that no, I was ready. That would have been the time to get the collar. Dr. Morris told Matt to walk me away while they took her from the car. I am expecting a call from either Dr. Morris or the vet tech, I think her name is Ashley and I will be sure to thank them for following my wishes that day.

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Anonymous said...

What a good way to look at it. Thanks to Matt for helping you come to peace with not having the collar. What a great trade to have Spooky take her last breath in familiar surroundings instead of the cold, sterile environment of an examination room. She spent a lot of happy times in your car.
L, M