Monday, February 4, 2008

Slowly sinking in

I'm doing OK. Truth is I lost her about a week ago, had she been running and "herself" just yesterday this would be so much harder on all of us. As horrifc as the scene was Matt and I and more than anyone Spooky are all so lucky it happened in the time frame it did. Had I taken her straight to the vet when she cried in the car I would have most likely gotten there, picked her up and taken her in the building. I think picking her up at any point after her first cries would have been very painful. Instead of being put to sleep on a cold floor or table in a place she hated, she died in a familiar place on a soft surface and wasn't put in any futher pain. She had alot of miles in that CR-V. Limo will never ever replace Spooky, no one ever will or ever come close, I know this. But 2 years ago when I accepted her in our home I knew Spooky wouldn't be around forever even though she promised me or so I made her promise.... But I knew this day would come and it would be hard as hell and I knew I would want a dog to have, but I didn't want to look for a second dog nor did I want to look for a dog after she had passed. I guess you could say Limo came at the right time. Spooky had a great time playing with her, would chase her down and and grab her by the neck with her 3 teeth. I think what I will miss most of all is Spooky would always put her head on my shoulder when we were stopped at red lights... I feel lucky to have pics of this moment.


Laura said...

Oh my, this picture has brought me to tears(again)... what a wonderful photo of you and spooky.


Laura said...

Whoops sorry that come through twice!

Reiner said...

Oh Denise, I am SO sorry. I understand what you are going through, after so recently losing my dearest Mittens. Words can't express the pain that I know you are going through.

Thank you for loving Spooky and showing her true happiness during her times with you. If only every animal could be so lucky. Thank you for being a loving owner who Spooky could love back with her whole heart. I'm sure she is in heaven smiling down on you and telling all the new dogs she is meeting up there about what an awesome owner you were for her.

God bless!